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Cider Miłosławski Półwytrawny

Apple, nature and an original recipe

  • alk. 4,5%obj.
  • 0.5 litra
  • 6-8 °C

Cider Miłosławski półwytrawny is an excellent alcoholic beverage created from Polish apples. Respecting the tradition of producing top quality cider, we employ the process of natural fermentation, according to a carefully developed recipe. The semi-dry variant of Cider Miłosławski has a well-balanced taste, in which dry notes overcome the natural sweetness of ripe apples. The harmonious combination of fruity acidity with a slightly perceptible sweetness creates the perfectly balanced character of our cider.

Exclusively from natural ingredients. Semi-dry, semi-sparkling carbonated cider, pasteurised, naturally fermented. Contains sulphites.