How we brew

What makes our beer different?

Fortuna Brewery in Miłosław has cherished the tradition of brewing beer specialities since 1889. Our beers are a part of the region's heritage. They are brewed as nature intended: without haste and with attention to the flavour and aroma.

Natural ingredients

When we create our beers, selecting the best quality raw materials and products is of importance to us. We choose the malts and hops, also with future development in mind. Our flavoured beers have made a name for themselves with their natural flavours owing to natural ingredients like kola tree nut extract (Fortuna Czarne), linden honey from Polish apiaries (Fortuna Miodowe Ciemne), cherry juice (Fortuna Wiśnia) and juice from ripe plums (Fortuna Śliwka).
Dark roasted malt gives our dark beers a unique and distinctive flavour.

Unique beers

We have been brewing speciality beers since 1889. We have decided against mainstream beers to focus on speciality beers, and our products are prepared with exceptional care to reproduce the most characteristic features of the style, using the required technologies and raw materials, respecting tradition, and long aging.

The Fortuna Barrel Room is a place created to indulge our passion for beer. Exceptional Barrel Aged beers are created here - aged in wooden barrels that once held fine spirits, including red wine from French vineyards or the famous Martell cognac.

As a result of production methods like freezing the beer and use of wild yeast strains, as well as careful selection of the barrels, we boast a high-quality product with a unique character and history.

The bottles that leave Fortuna Brewery's barrel room are hand-labelled and numbered.

Slow, natural fermentation

Fortuna Brewery in Miłosław is one of the few breweries in Poland where traditional open fermentation vats are used. Beer in open vats is fermented in a traditional way, with care for the beer’s flavour. With free access to oxygen, the yeast has ideal conditions for growth, resulting in the unique, fresh flavour and rich aroma of genuine beer.

The principles governing open fermentation are as old as beer itself: as soon as, in various parts of the ancient world, humans began to cultivate cereals, the sugars they contain began to spontaneously ferment under the influence of wild yeast.

Bottle refermentation

We use methods that require time and craftsmanship on the part of the brewer, such as re-fermentation in the bottle. By adding an extra portion of yeast to the bottle before crowning, we achieve rich beer whose nature will change over time, from fresher to more dry. This is how our selected Komes beers are made.