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Komes Komes Porter Bałtycki Amburana

Komes Baltic Porter with amburana wood from Bolivia

  • alk. 9% obj.
  • 0.5l
  • 10-12 °C
  • Ekstr. 21% wag.
  • Szkło

Komes Porter Bałtycki Amburana – this is our medal-winning porter, aged with amburana wood from Bolivia, which we chose due to its unique properties. Amburana enriched the beer with a composition of warm and dry notes, perfectly noticeable during tasting. The aroma and flavor include notes of cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup and whole grain bread – harmonizing with the roasted, chocolate and coffee base of the porter and giving the effect of dark, spicy cookies.

Dark, strong, bottom-fermenting beer. Pasteurized. Ingredients: water, barley malt: pilsner, roasted, caramel, barley malt extract, bitter hops, yeast.