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Komes Komes Wymrażany Imperialny Porter Bałtycki

Baltic porter brewed for freezing

  • alk. 21% obj.
  • 0.33 litra
  • 14-16 °C
  • Ekstr. 48% wag.
  • Szkło

Baltic porter brewed for freezing – more full-bodied, with a touch of caramelized rye malt. Beer with which we will celebrate the 135th anniversary of the brewery! Limited edition – 6,000 bottles.

The frozen porter with imperial parameters was placed in fresh Old Forester bourbon barrels for many months. This is how we obtained a thick, liqueur-like and warming drink with traces of aging in wood – accents of dried fruit and dark stone fruits. You will also find notes of coconut and vanilla in the beer.

Strong, bottom-fermenting dark beer. Pasteurized. Ingredients: water, barley malt extract, barley malt: pilsner, chocolate, roasted, roasted barley, caramel rye malt, bitter hops, yeast.