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Miłosław Miłosław & Makłowicz ARCYAPA

With a composition of herbs for Italian vermouth

  • alk. 4.2% obj.
  • 0.5 litra
  • 8-10 °C
  • 5/10
  • Ekstr. 12,5% wag.
  • Szkło

Delicate sweetness and pleasant hop-herbal bitterness – the balanced taste of this drinkable APA-style beer goes perfectly with many dishes. This time, Robert Makłowicz inspired us with a bouquet of aromatic herbs used to make the world’s best vermouths, such as Pontic mugwort, calamus, myrtle, elderflower and sage, and we created a crisp APA beer with them.

Pale beer, top-fermentating. Pasteurized. Ingredients: water, Pilsner barley malt, wheat, hops: Magnum, Lubelski, Azacca; herbs in variable proportions 0.2% (elderflower, common myrtle, Pontic mugwort, calamus, common sage), herb extract, yeast.