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Miłosław Miłosław Pszeniczne

Pale, light and aromatic beer

  • alk. 4.6% obj.
  • 0.5 litra
  • 4-6 °C
  • 2/10
  • Ekstr. 11,5% wag.
  • Szkło

Miłosław Pszeczne in the Belgian style is a pale, light and aromatic beer with a sour-citrus note caused by a special strain of yeast. Full and smooth in taste thanks to the addition of wheat, and pleasantly sparkling and refreshing.

Top-fermenting pale beer. Pasteurized. Turbidity and sediment are a natural feature of the product. Ingredients: water, Pilsner barley malt, wheat, bitter hops, orange peel, coriander, yeast.