Komes Wymrażany Barley Wine
Cognac Barrel Aged

Limited edition: 4,890 bottles

  • alk. 20% obj.
  • 0.33 litra
  • 12-14 °C
  • Ekstr. 46% wag.
  • Szkło

Limited edition: 4,890 bottles

With this beer we celebrate the 130th anniversary of Fortuna Brewery. Iced to get the essence of the aromas and flavours of Komes Barley Wine.

It has a texture similar to liqueur. Complex in flavour, caramel and nutty, with hints of figs and dates. Aged in Martell cognac barrels since December 2018 after being iced, creating a unique beer profile inspired by the world of fine spirits.

Ingredients: water, barley malts (pale ale, cookie, caramel, chocolate), barley malt extract, wheat malt, hops (Amarillo®, Columbus, Citra®, Chinook), US-05 top-fermenting yeast